ZRT - Zone Register Terminal

Aldes Canada patented* Zone Register Terminals (ZRT®) are designed to introduce flexibility and on-demand control to central ventilation systems.
Used in both large and small systems, the ZRT® zonally regulates ventilation without the need for individual fans.
Each ZRT® is a combination grille, register box, control damper, and optional flow regulator(s).
This unique combination provides up to four different control schemes without the need for expensive pneumatic, electronic, or DDC control systems.
To ensure the proper calibration of the damper assembly, do not exceed 1.0" w.g. (250 Pa) of differential pressure across the damper door.
By replacing static grilles in large central exhaust systems, the ZRT-1 model provides on-off control for on-demand ventilation.
This allows central fan downsizing and promotes energy savings by minimizing necessary fan horsepower and ventilationinduced heating and cooling loads on the building.


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