Light Commercial

Light Commercial
Aldes’ compact Light Commercial ventilators are the most popular choice for bringing fresh healthy air to schools, offices, retail establishments, common areas of multi-unit residential buildings, and much more. We even offer specialty models for indoor pool areas, with stainless steel interior and added protection for the motors.
The Light Commercial line has three versatile models, covering airflow requirements from 500 to 1800 cfm. All models feature efficient fixed-plate recovery cores, high quality motors, easy-to-use wall controls, and FlexControl to select and balance the right airflow for your needs, optimizing the overall energy efficiency of your ventilation system. Come and find out why Aldes has the best-selling line of light commercial ERVs and HRVs in Canada.

Main features

  • Flex Control

    Allows for fast and easy electronic flow calibration for QUIET and EFFICIENT
    installation without balancing key.
    Provides easy lower cost installation.
    Flex Control
  • Backward Inclined Motor

    High efficiency sealed backward inclined motor, providing energy savings.
    High static pressure capability guarantying airflow performance.
    Backward Inclined Motor
  • Both Sides Access Doors

    Easy access for maintenance and cleaning.
    Can be installed against either wall.
    Both Sides Access Doors
  • Recirculation Module

    Allows for low cost upgrade to recirculation function, if required.
    Module integrated to equipment, requiring no additional space.
    Easy to install.
    Recirculation Module

Commercial ventilation products

  • E650


    Energy Recovery Ventilator
    From 350 to 650 cfm
  • E1100


    Energy Recovery Ventilator
    From 550 to 1100 cfm
  • E1800


    Energy Recovery Ventilator
    From 1000 to 1725 cfm
  • H650


    Heat Recovery Ventilator
    From 450 to 750 cfm
  • H1100


    Heat Recovery Ventilator
    From 750 to 1250 cfm
  • H1800


    Heat Recovery Ventilator
    From 1000 to 1725 cfm

Product range

  • Commercial Cube Units

  • Commercial Wheel Units

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