The residential ventilation strategy of using an HRV and ZRTs to ventilate bathrooms, instead of using individual bathroom fans, is more cost effective for the builder and for the home owner. Not only is the initial cost of the equipment and installation less expensive: the operating costs are lower as well.
Rather than installing energy-wasting bathroom fans that require individual ducting, it is more advantageous to install zoned exhaust terminals that direct the ventilation capacity of the HRV to the right place at the right time, while recovering most of the heat in the exhaust air.
And there are many other advantages to our approach:

  • Tighter building envelope and more attractive home exterior (fewer penetrations)
  • More balanced ventilation, avoiding negative pressure
  • Quieter operation
  • Avoids user error of leaving the fans on for extended periods

Please check out our new video and go to the Aldes Professional’s Zone (or contact your sales representative) for a copy of our White Paper that shows in detail how Aldes HRVs with ZRTs are winning combination.



Thats great. Im moving into a place where theirs no bathroom fans in the bathrooms but instead has a Aldes system running through out the house. My question is that do I turn on the system when I go shower or will the system turn on automatically?

also, Is there certain Aldes systems that are specially for bathroom use or can all Aldes systems be used instead of a bathroom fan?

Would be great to hear back on this,


Sarah Horvath

Good day, Congratulations on your new home! Do you know what system you have? We have several bathroom ventilation solutions and to provide the best answer it would help us. Typically you don’t have to turn on the system (it will work automatically) however, if you have a VentZone system with control device it will need to be set to “on”.

WE offer several ventilation options: bathroom, whole house as well as ERV/HRV. For a more comprehensive list visit

Thank you for your inquiry and have a great weekend.

Aldes North America


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