Across Canada, heating season is fast approaching. While it is still warm out, it’s an ideal time to open up your HRV and do the annual maintenance: clean the heat-recovery core, wash or replace the filters, and ensure that the drains are clear of any blockages. Our new and improved residential installation and maintenance guide offers many helpful tips for maintaining your HRV and keep healthy air flowing through your home during the winter months.

If you or your clients have an older HRV that is inefficient or is no longer functioning, Aldes HRVs are an easy choice for a replacement. Our compact top port units can hang in the same place as the old unit and connect up easily with flex duct to the existing ductwork. In many cases you can even connect the existing wall controls to the Aldes HRV without re-wiring. Contact us and we can help you assess whether your existing HRV can be replaced with a new Aldes ENERGY STAR® model.

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